Understanding the Health Care Jargon


When reading health insurance materials or listening to all the talk about “Obamacare,” it is easy to get confused very quickly. Yet, in order to receive the best healthcare possible and to know what one will be paying, one must understand what all the terminology means. Unfortunately, this is not typically something they teach in school.

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When to Visit the Emergency Room


Emergency rooms in the United States are incredibly busy. Last year, there were over 130 million emergency room visits. That means, on average, one out of every two American went to the emergency room. One-fifth of those ER visits were patients under the age of 18. As more people use ERs as their first choice in health care, ERs around the country are (more…)

School Lunches Are Not Always the Best


Whether it is school lunch programs considering pizza to be a vegetable or meat made of “pink slime,” school lunches may not be the best alternative for children’s health. Government subsidized school lunches are great for low income families. It is also an easy alternative for a lot of time-strapped parents, who may still have to pay. But, are school (more…)

Breastfeeding Is Important for Infants


One of the most important factors in neonatal health is whether the infant is breastfed. Breastfeeding is associated with a laundry list of health benefits to both the baby and the mother. It is endorsed by prominent health organization in the United States and throughout the world. Yet, there are still negative stigmas associated with the practice.


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To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise?


One of the more controversial topics in children’s healthcare is the issue of male circumcision. Steeped in tradition, circumcision is now a hot button debate topic with some referring to it as “genital mutilation.” Its proponents point to mild advantages, such as slowing the spread of AIDS, as far outweighing any rare downfalls. These debates make (more…)