Hair Health: How Parents Can Take Care of Their Children’s Hair


Hair Care is Often Overlooked by Parents

Hair care is often an overlooked area of grooming.  As long as a child’s hair is clean and combed or brushed, there’s no cause for alarm.  That’s not necessarily the case.  Have you ever been through the rigorous and emotionally exhausting task of removing head lice from your child’s hair?  If you have, you know (more…)

To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise?


One of the more controversial topics in children’s healthcare is the issue of male circumcision. Steeped in tradition, circumcision is now a hot button debate topic with some referring to it as “genital mutilation.” Its proponents point to mild advantages, such as slowing the spread of AIDS, as far outweighing any rare downfalls. These debates make (more…)

Medical Homes: The Wave of the Future


It is difficult to provide children with quality and comprehensive care. Adding to the difficulties is the fact that health care providers do not typically share information about patients they have in common. This lack of coordination can lead to wasted resources, diminished quality of care, and duplicated efforts.

Primary care providers are becoming (more…)