Divorce and Children: The Difficulty of Separation And Impacts on Children’s Health and Happiness


            The separation of parents, especially during one’s own childhood, is often times a traumatic experience that carries long term damage. While a child may not realize it, underlying harmful effects can form and hinder their lives down the line. The one thing any good parent wants for their children, is their happiness. As such, it is imperative (more…)

Finding Resources On Drug Addiction


A few select men and women around us manage to abuse hard drugs without ever falling into the abyss of addiction. However, the facts speak for themselves — most people inevitably wind up trapped in addiction, a disease that causes a wide range of problems at home, at school and at work. It wrecks people’s lives, leaving them feeling isolated and helpless. (more…)

The Decentralization Of Healthcare In The Age of the Internet: How People Are Taking Control Of Their Health


For years, there has been a push for healthcare recipients to take charge of their care and to act more like consumers. Today, that has never been truer, and many consumers are educating themselves using the wealth of information available on the internet. They are going online to

  • Choose which doctors to see
  • Find what conditions may be causing their (more…)