Will Drinking Cranberry Juice Help Pass a Drug Test?

Does cranberry juice clean your system from weed?

Cranberry juice is a popular choice for tokers as a diuretic to help dilute urine to beat a drug test for weed. Cranberry Juice can be used in combination with creatine and b-vitamins to beat a drug test. Many users choose cranberry juice because it is natural and therefore cannot be considered a banned detox drink which some jurisdictions have outlawed. Whether or not a dilution regimen using cranberry juice and the other components of a responsible dilution protocol will work for you will depend on a range of factors such as how much and how often you use marijuana and other drugs and also how efficiently your body eliminates substances which can involve liver and kidney function as well as body mass. Marijuana is the hardest drug to detox since it can remain in the body for one month. Nearly every other drug will be out of your system in one week, so if you have one week to detox naturally through abstinence, definitely do so. But if you also have weed on deck, you may need a dilution regimen to make sure you pass a drug test.

cranberry juice cleanse

How to do a 24-hour cranberry juice cleanse

To do a cranberry juice flush to “flush” out toxins (dilute them), here’s what you need:

  1. 32 ounces of cranberry juice.
  2. Bottle of b-vitamin complex (contains various b-vitamins)
  3. Zinc supplement
  4. Salt and baking soda
  5. Creatine monohydrate or other forms

Exactly two hours before your urine drug test, drink your 32 ounces of cranberry juice with one b-vitamin complex pill, one zinc pill, and one dose of creatine, and a pinch of both salt and baking soda (these are your electrolytes). You do not need to add more or less of any of these ingredients and should not. You only need one dose before your test. Leading up to your test, you can sip cranberry juice slowly or Gatorade to make sure you’re able to pee, but drinking larger amounts will make your urine too dilute so don’t overdo it.

How much cranberry juice to drink to pass a drug test?

Drink exactly 32 ounces, exactly 2 hours before your test. Drinking too much water can cause water intoxication which can be fatal so don’t overdo it.


Zinc will help to interfere with drug tests in a way that is in your favor. Scientists do not yet know why this is the case, but it has been scientifically verified. A study published in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology in 2011 entitled ‘Zinc reduces the detection of cocaine, methamphetamine, and THC by ELISA urine testing’ has been cited in popular culture such as in the Huffington Post as showing that zinc can cause a drug test to come out negative when the sample was positive for drugs.[1][2] Cranberry juice has a small amount of zinc but you can take one single 25 mg to 50 mg pill (normal supplemental dose) to have a chance of it making your drug test turn out favorably.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is a component of cranberry juice that has been shown to also help fool drug tests. A study published in Drug Monitoring and Toxicology concluded salicylic acid helped produce false-negative drug tests.[3] Another study showed that cranberry juice is a reliable way to raise salicylic acid (rather than taking aspirin which can cause stomach bleeding or other problems).[4]

Pros Cons
  • Cranberry juice is a diuretic from nature
  • Cranberry juice is generally a healthy option for a drink, just choose a low sugar version (do not use zero sugar drinks; you need sugar in you for the specific gravity of your dilute urine to come out right and to stop your body from burning fat and releasing THC during the test as THC binds to fat)
  • Avoids detox drinks with lots of herbs which may cause an allergy
  • Affordable
  • It’s delicious
  • You have to add the rest of the detox regimen yourself: creatine, b-vitamins, electrolytes
  • Doesn’t actually detox a drug out of your body, it just dilutes it to beat a drug test. It will work for urine tests.

Additional Information

Cranberry juice is a good diuretic to use for your dilution regimen, but it’s only one part of beating your urine test.  The other part is timing: making sure you drink it two hours before the test time. While waiting to take the test, you can sip Gatorade slowly to keep the urine moving. And of course, the other ingredients are creatine (2 to 5 grams) and b-vitamin complex.

Negative Side Effects & Health Risks

Don’t drink a full gallon of cranberry juice or anything else in a short period of time. Ignore people who tell you to do that. It can be fatal. 32 ounces is all you need, then just slowly and comfortably sip to extend your time frame to take your test. Also, don’t take an overdose of b-vitamins or creatine, just take one dose of each. The health risks are minimal or none. These are normal food ingredients the body needs in normal amounts.

Social Media Reviews


cranberry juice drug test

This one is positive but it sort of sounds like the user might be trying to sell us something.


palo azul drug test

This user has the right idea, that is why it works. He just needs to add creatine and b-vitamins.

Conclusion: Does cranberry juice help detox THC?

Cranberry juice is a great choice as the diuretic to help you do a dilute regimen to beat a test for drugs inside of your body that authorities are looking for by taking fluids from you while watching you urinate. Just remember to add a single dose of creatine, one pill of b-vitamins, and 1 pill of zinc (25 to 50 mg is standard).

Can Azo Cranberry Pills Help Pass a Drug Test?

cranberry juice detox thc

Azo Cranberry Pills will have some of the same effects as cranberry juice. It will work as a diuretic and will contain salicylic acid which can help you pass your urine test. The reason you may want to use AZO pills instead of taking an aspirin to get salicylic acid is that aspirin can cause stomach upset or bleeding from an ulcer. Cranberry juice is a much safer option to get the salicylic acid that has been proven to interfere in urine drug tests in your favor. Cranberry juice is loaded with salicylic acid. There are claims that these pills may turn the urine an orange color. But this is a misunderstanding. Azo also makes a product called Azo Urinary Pain Relief, which contains Phenazopyridine Hydrochloride which will make the urine orange but this not the same as AZO Cranberry for Urinary Tract Health which has only natural but proven ingredients to improve urinary health and comfort. Just make sure you get the product in the red box with ‘Cranberry’ written on it and you will have no problems. If you get the wrong product and show up with orange urine, they may suspect you of tampering with your sample.

Here’s what your product should say on the back:

cranberry juice to pass drug test

Note when you look at your product that phenazopyridine which turns the urine orange-reddish is NOT in the ingredients because you got the right product, good job.

Here’s what you need to do a proper dilution regimen:

  1. AZO Cranberry pills.
  2. B-vitamin complex. You can get this at any department store, Walmart, Amazon, Family Dollar, and Dollar General (the last two have great prices and you can order online). It will contain several b-vitamins but a single b-vitamin is also effective if you only have say Riboflavin or Thiamine. Now, you can just take a multivitamin but you cannot double up. Take only one. Too many b-vitamins will make you nauseous and ruin your test.
  3. Creatine monohydrate. You can get this at Walmart, Amazon, online, and stores like GNC. It’s normally a workout supplement. But people who want to keep their health information private use it because the urine testers are gonna look for a normal creatinine level to make sure that the sample is not dilute. Creatine supplementation will make it come out normal, not high, and not low.
  4. If you don’t have a b-vitamin or creatine, you can just eat one or two large steaks and it will have enough creatine and b-vitamins to do the same thing. However, because it may digest slower, it could mean you would need to eat it say 2.5 hours before the test. You will have to play with and study your timing if you want to use a steak instead of the b-vitamins and creatine. You can use a drug test bought from the pharmacy to test yourself and make sure you are passing the test with your dilution approach before you go to your actual test. So, given time and practice, you can surely get this right. It could be as simple as eating two large steaks and drinking 32 ounces of water with AZO Cranberry as your diuretic about 2 hours and 30 minutes before your test.


  1. Two hours before your test, take two tablets with 32 ounces of water. Have another 32-ounce Gatorade or Coolaid with a touch of salt to taste to take with you to your test and sip slowly, do not gulp it down or you will over dilute your urine.
  2. Pee a few times
  3. Go take your test. Good job, soldier.

Further Information & Side Effects

These AZO Cranberry pills are pretty safe. You would expect practically no side effects. It’s just an extract of cranberries made into a powder and studied for efficacy. The big thing to watch out for is that you don’t accidentally buy AZO Urinary Pain Relief shown below.

cranberry detox
This is the wrong product and will turn your pee orange and have testers highly suspicious of you. Get the one in the RED box. So, a red pill for you, not the blue pill.

Pros Cons
  • Has the salicylic acid proven to help beat EMIT tests which use antibodies to find the presence of a substance
  • Affordable
  • May have a return policy
  • Vitamin C health benefits
  • No harsh ingredients, all-natural, organic
  • Don’t get it confused with the blue box AZO that can turn your pee orange
  • You have to buy b-vitamins and creatine separately

Social Media Reviews:

Positive Review:

cranberry pills detox


This user has the right idea about how to use AZO as your diuretic in a dilution regimen. However, he seems to have gotten the wrong AZO. It’s possible the other AZO, AZO Urinary Pain Relief blue box could interfere with a drug test because the main ingredient is a strong dye, but our verdict is that the orangeness of the urine will be a dead giveaway and could get you in trouble. Therefore, stick with the red AZO Cranberry pills and just do a normal dilution with creatine and b-vitamins.

cranberry pills to pass drug test


As a diuretic, AZO Cranberry or cranberry juice both likely contain a good dose of salicylic acid and zinc to help you pass a drug test so we give it a thumbs up. Don’t ever forget your creatine and b-vitamins. Do your regimen two hours before your test and take a 24-ounce bottle to sip slowly on in case you are in the waiting room for a while. But don’t overdo it and never drink like a gallon of water because you will get a dilute reading back. 24 to 32 ounces, to begin with, is plenty. Afterward, sip just enough to keep the urine flowing and yellow to yellow-green.

Does Palo Azul Work to Pass a Drug Test?

Palo Azul is a type of tea that is made from the bark of the Eysenhardtia Orthocarpa or  Eysenhardtia polystachya trees. Some vendors make the direct claim that it can detox THC from the body. The site tonybonito.com sells Palo Azul tea and claims drinking it can pass a drug test.

Users on Surveymonkey.com actually voted on if this particular remedy works, these are the results: 78 percent of 1780 people claimed the tea allowed them to test clean. Our verdict on this is that it is a pending investigation. This tea is to be drunk a day ahead; it, therefore, does not work by dilution. To be sure you pass your test you should use a dilution regimen two hours before the test as described with cranberry juice or pills above. Also be aware if you have never had Palo Azul tea before, you could have an allergic or gastric reaction to it.

cranberry pills for drug test


Our sources say to use Palo Azul 24 hours ahead of your test.

do cranberry pills clean your system


Using Palo Azul:

  1. Take about three ounces of bark as your dose.
  2. Put a half-gallon of water in a pot and bring it to a boil.
  3. Combine the bark with the water in the pot.
  4. Boil for 90 minutes.
  5. Drink your tea. You will have a half gallon. Drink about 32 ounces. Do not overdo it. Drinking too much fluid can cause electrolyte imbalance or even fatal water intoxication.

Side effects

Palo Azul is well tolerated. For some, it may cause some gastrointestinal distress.

Pros Cons
  • All organic and non-toxic
  • Cheap
  • Said to cleanse kidneys and fight inflammation
  • Gets positive reviews online
  • It May contain salicylic acid to help you beat the test
  • Does not dilute urine the day of the test, which is the only proven way to beat a urine test
  • No creatine, b-vitamins, or zinc

Our Social Media Reviews:

One Positive Review:

This Twitter user claims Palo Azul works. We say, do a dilution regimen the day of the test to make sure it works. Good luck.

best cranberry juice for detox



If you are nervous that your dilution regimen with cranberry juice or pills, b-vitamins, zinc, and creatine is not enough, you can try Palo Azul a day ahead of time. It certainly won’t hurt and it can help. Also, since Palo Azul is tree bark, there’s a good chance it contains even more of the salicylic acid known to help you beat a drug test since the best-known way to get salicylic acid is from aspirin extracted from tree bark. Good luck.


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