How to Pass a Hair Drug Test and Not Get Fired Even Though You Are 420 Friendly?

If you are not familiar with the “420” code or “420 friendly”, then you have most likely mistaken this article for something else. On the other hand, if you are part of the 420 community, you will most likely find this article quite helpful, primarily if you work full time and are worried about the frequent hair drug tests.

Here is our mini-guide on how to pass a hair drug test with ease. Here we will explain how these tests work, how detox shampoos work, the best hair follicle detox shampoo  in 2020, “trustworthy” alternatives to detox shampoos, and how to choose the best ones from the market.
pass hair follicle test

How do hair tests work?

Hair drug tests require a hair sample from the tested person. If the tested person is bald, then a hair sample can come from either the armpit or the face. This is important because many people want to know if bleaching your hair helps pass a hair follicle test. The answer is no. Bleaching doesn’t always work, and it can lead to permanent hair damage.
Not to mention the fact that the technician that extracts the hair sample might notice the damaged hair and might instead go for a hair sample from some other part of your body like your armpit. Once the hair sample is gathered, it is sent to a laboratory for tests. If there is a positive test, another second test will be done to ensure that the result is accurate.

In any case, the exact mechanism of how hair tests work shouldn’t be your focus. Instead, your focus needs to be on choosing a top shampoo that removes THC.

How do you choose the best hair follicle detox shampoo?

You want to know the best shampoo how to beat hair drug test, don’t you? This is understandable considering the hundreds of other shampoos advertised as the best shampoo to pass a hair test. Here are several criteria that can help you with the selection process:

  • A constant stream of positive user reviews speaks volumes about the quality of the shampoo used to pass drug tests.
  • Never go for the cheapest shampoo, and almost by default, those are fake shampoos. The thing is, the best ones feature some rare ingredients that increase the price of the shampoo.
  • Durability is a trait of the best ones. If a product is durable, it means that it has been made with significant consideration.
  • Mind the possible side effects. The best ones don’t come with significant side effects, nor they are irritating to the skin and hair.

Best Hair Follicle Drug Test Shampoos 2020

Considering everything we’ve mentioned as a criterion for choosing the best detox shampoo, it is not that difficult to identify the best ones in the market. The best hair follicle drug test shampoo that will never fail you are Aloe Rid shampoo drug test by Nexus and the Zydot Ultra Clean shampoo.

For maximum efficiency, whether it is the Ultra clean detox shampoo or the aloe rid by nexus, they need to be used as part of the Macujo method. More about the Zydot ultra clean and Nexxus aloe rid alternatives  hair detox shampoo for drug test, you can read, whereas for the aloe by clicking on the following link

What Else Can I Do to Pass Hair Follicle Test?

So, if you are not a fan of detox shampoos, you have one shampoo-free alternative, which can temporarily help you. The alternative is to shave your head, remove all the hair from your armpits, and anywhere on your body. As long as your hair is not more than 0.5 inches long, they can’t take enough long samples to conduct a viable drug test. The downside to this is quite apparent. It won’t go unnoticed in the office when you show up practically hairless.

The other alternative to aloe rid or an Ultra clean detox shampoo is bleaching your hair. But that brings one massive risk, and your hair can be damaged beyond repair. That’s something that won’t happen with a tested shampoo like Zydot. Does Zydot detox shampoo really work?

In Conclusion

The internet doesn’t lack methods and all sorts of miraculous shampoos that can help you beat hair drug test. However, most of them are untested, supported by fake testimonials. They are there only with one purpose only – to take your money. They don’t care that you might lose your job and your income.
On the other hand, you have the Zydot ultra-clean and the Aloe Rid by Nexus, which have been around for quite some time. You won’t find any other similar products that have been longer on the market than them.

So, if you value your job, you won’t take any chances with an unproven hair detox shampoo for drug test. Instead, you will go with something that has been proven over and over for many years, and supported in user reviews by hundreds of thousands of people.

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