Patriots Win 103 – 33 – Say Ahhh! A Children’s Health Policy Blog

120203073357-super-bowl-fan-horizontal-gallery.jpgThe Giants may be bringing home the Lombardi but Patriots fans are taking home the CHIP III trophy thanks to efforts by Dayanne Leal and Health Care for All Massachusetts.  Patriots’ fans brought in 103 comments in support of efforts to connect kids to coverage.  (The Giants’ fans? Well, perhaps they were a little preoccupied cutting up  paper for their ticker-tape parade but if their football team keeps playing the way they did last night, they may have another chance to show us their their enthusiasm for kids coverage next year.) 

Thanks to both outreach teams and their fans for a
spirited contest on connecting kids to coverage. 
Let’s keep the momentum going until all kids have the health
care coverage they need to grow and learn.

(Editor’s Note: If you haven’t joined the Connecting
Kids to Coverage Challenge
yet, check-out to see how
organizations are stepping up to the challenge and sharing their ideas with one

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