A State-by-State Look at Gains in Preventive Care Under the ACA – Say Ahhh! A Children’s Health Policy Blog

Since we spend a lot of time looking ahead to 2014 and
the promise of significant gains in coverage, it’s always encouraging to see
some immediate benefits of the Affordable Care Act.  This time: preventive care for families.

Last week, amidst the excitement over new Essential Health Benefit information
and the Administration’s budget, some good news emerged from HHS’s
research shop: An estimated 54 million more Americans, including 14 million
more children, have already benefitted from better access to preventive services due the the Affordable Care Act.

As we posted when the rule was released, this
provision covers well-child visits, immunizations, regular screenings, and
other specific services based on guidelines from the U.S. Preventive Services
Task Force.

Using national survey data, the brief provides
state-by-state estimates of those who have already benefitted from this
provision — a great tool for state advocates as they look to celebrate ACA
accomplishments for next month’s 2-year anniversary.

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