Support for Medicaid Growing – Say Ahhh! A Children’s Health Policy Blog

The Super Committee met in private today so it’s
anybody’s guess as to what they discussed.  I sure hope the committee members had a chance to read the
latest Bloomberg National poll before the meeting.  The poll found that Medicaid is the least popular option for
deficit reduction.

Members of the Super Committee have to be super busy
right now so they may just want to scan this chart for a good idea of how the
American people feel about the need to preserve Medicaid.


This is consistent with the Washington Post/ABC News poll
released in July that found that between April and July support for cutting
Medicaid dropped and support for defending it rose with a notable rise in those
who strongly oppose cutting it. 
Public opinion on Medicaid changed more than any other other issue tracked
by the poll with 72% now opposed to cutting Medicaid.

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