Momentum Builds as Diverse Group of States Receive Exchange Establishment Grants – Say Ahhh! A Children’s Health Policy Blog

In addition to the package of proposed rules it released on August 12, HHS also announced the award of more than $185
million in grants to help
states develop their exchanges. 
The federal funds will support state efforts to strengthen information
technology systems, analyze insurance markets, develop consumer assistance
capacity, and design business operations for their exchanges.

Three states had already been awarded exchange
establishment grants earlier this year, so this month’s announcement brings the
total to 16 states and DC.  Grants
were awarded to:

California, Kentucky, Missouri, Oregon, Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Minnesota, New York, Washington, Illinois, Mississippi, North
Carolina, West Virginia and Indiana

The list shows that states are taking advantage of the
flexibility the Affordable Care Act gives them in the exchange development
process.  Some of these states
passed legislation to authorize an exchange before applying for the grant,
while others have pursued the funding in advance of legislative action.  It also shows the variety of states
that are moving forward on exchange planning–states large and small, red and
blue, from all regions of the country applied for and received grants.  These latest establishment grants are
in addition to the exchange planning grants that went to 49 states and DC last
year and the Early Innovator grants that are allowing a handful of states to
pave the way for others on exchange development.

The exchange establishment grants are available to all
states and there is a rolling application deadline at the end of each calendar
quarter.  Find out more at     

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