Keeping Up with Affordable Care Act Implementation: Health Reform GPS and NASHP’s State Reforum – Say Ahhh! A Children’s Health Policy Blog

The pace of activity from federal agencies since the
passage of the Affordable Care Act in March has been remarkable — it seems like
there is a new grant announcement, request for comment, or regulation every
week.  And states are just getting
started — soon we’ll see exchange planning and launch, consumer assistance
projects, insurance reform enforcement, and Medicaid expansions times 50!

It can be challenging to keep track of all the activity,
but there are resources to help. 
Two of the best are Health Reform GPS and the National Academy for State
Health Policy’s State Refor(u)m.

Health Reform GPS focuses on federal activity and is updated blog-style, often several times a

State Refor(u)m is a
one-stop-shop for primary documents from states’ implementation efforts.  You can find everything from work plans
to federal grant applications to legislative language.  Having access to these resources from
other states can really help in preventing reinvention of the wheel.

We’ve added a link to each of these sites on our blogroll
to the left.  Check them out! 

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