Comments on Public Process Submitted to CMS: Waiver Watchers Rise to the Challenge! – Say Ahhh! A Children’s Health Policy Blog

Today the attached comments on the proposed federal
regulations on public process for Medicaid and CHIP demonstration waivers were
submitted to CMS.  A diverse and
well-respected list of 79 groups – including 48 national and 31 state groups —
joined the effort by signing onto CCF’s comments.   In addition, the Consortium for Citizens with
Disabilities submitted identical comments with a cover letter emphasizing the
importance of these issues to the disability community.

Given the focus in the current political climate on
“state flexibility” with respect to the implementation of health reform, the
need for a transparent and meaningful public process at both the state and
federal levels when Medicaid and CHIP waivers are being considered has never
been greater. We will keep blog readers posted on developments in this area.
And thanks to everyone who signed on in support of these comments and/or
submitted their own!

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