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Having spent much of the summer in South America and without much access to American media, I was curious to see how things had changed when I
returned to work this week. 
Hmmm.  Not so good.
Controversy over the health reform bill seems as rhetoric laden and
inflammatory as ever as the election approaches.

That is why I was interested to see in my inbox a note
about a new analysis done by the Congressional Budget Office on August 24th which estimates that if the health reform law (PPACA) was repealed, the
deficit would actually rise. CBO found that
PPACA will reduce the deficit by $28 billion in 2020. Sen. Crapo (R-ID) had requested
the estimate. 

I guess the good news here is that should Congress flip,
it will be hard to repeal PPACA because it will cost money. Real money. But the
likelihood of this kind of information breaking through the current heated
debate seems slim. Say Ahhh! likes to share these little factoids with you

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