Check out CAP’s YouTube Video and Interactive Map – Say Ahhh! A Children’s Health Policy Blog

The creative people at the Center for American Progress have been busy.  They have managed to boil down two complex topics into user-friendly tools.  First, they released a report with an interactive map demonstrating the economic impact of “uninsurance” (the word is so new it is not in your dictionary yet) on each state.  Then they released a YouTube video with simple animation to demonstrate what the cost of doing nothing on health reform would mean for businesses and families. 

CAP is managing to provide this public education service while still tending to the less-visible behind-the-scenes work necessary to get a good health reform bill passed by Congress.   In fact, CCF’s Jocelyn Guyer can attest to that fact as she recently joined the Center for American Progress for a good old-fashioned Capitol Hill forum focusing on what children need from health reform.

New media tools are really fun but they are only as effective as the people behind them.  The Center for American Progress has the depth and breadth of understanding necessary to pull it off with panache.  

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